Interview with Herr Winter of AK.

EOG: Hailsa Winter! Let’s go all the way. When was AK started and what were the motivations behind that project?

W: Hailsa! Well the project was started in the cold winter months of 2008 and the motivation was a bit special. I was searching for a person who would help me out with another project and so I found Kvaathan who also wanted to start a sideproject so A.K. was formed.

EOG: You guys released your first demo ”Vernichtungsfeldzug” back in August 2008. How was it received among the UG. Did you get any feedbacks?

W: Yeah we got, until now a single review on the Webzine called “Schlachtenruf” and it was quite good and I also got some personal feedbacks, which can be called “positive”.

EOG: How do you perceive that demo? Is it 100% satisfactory or do you think it could have been better? Any favorite tracks from it?

W: Hmm well, as musicians there are allways ways to do it better because first, this is just a Demo but we tried to do the best possible in the way we wanted it to sound and that was perfect. Favourite track was odium for me because it has this melodically feeling mixed with rock elements.

EOG: I’ve heard that you guys are working on a full length album. Any details about it? When can we expect to hear it, title etc…?

W: Indeed we are working on our first full lenght album entitled “Mirror of Obliteration” the cover is also in progress by Njard who also did many famous covers of bands like Absurd,Luror,Horna etc.The first song the public will hear will be “Cold blows the wind of War”…dates cant be told yet, but further infos will follow as soon as possible on our homepage which will also get a new adress soon.

EOG: Good. What are the main influences behind your part of AK? Any artists or Works worthy to be called ”influences” for you?

W: As vocalist i do not have any influences but to name some bands i would call influences for me….Darkthrone,Satans Elite Kommando etc. well we hear many bands of course but in generally were about to create our own style.

EOG: Well, that’s about it. The end is yours!

W: Thank you for the short interview! And the warfare will continue… W.

Official website:


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