EOG: Greetings comrade! Thanks for your time.
So lets start straight to the goal, you are involved in two bands: HEDENSK BJORN and SONN AV SKOGEN. Can you introduce your two projects to my fellow Vinlandic followers?

S: Greetings Vinland!  I can say they are two complementary bands. With HEDENSK BJORN I express my dark ideas in a war concept whereas with SONN AV SKOGEN I express my ideas in a more melancholic misanthropic issue. But these two bands represent my entirely mind and I couldn’t express all my mind with only one project.

EOG: Great! Do you have any releases done in the past and planned for the future?

S: In fact I should have released a demo with my ancient project ELVIDNIR created in 2006 but there were some problems with the label I had chosen and with the other member of the band. For the future, I decided to create for the second demo of HEDENSK BJORN a music more turned towards raw/old school black metal because I don’t want to forget my roots of course. Concerning SØNN AV SKOGEN, I will soon release a full-length and I have already a composition for the second full-length or for the future
demo. And of course my first demo of HEDENSK BJORN will soon release.

EOG: How long have you been involved in black metal? Did you have any projects before?

S: In fact I’ve been involved in black metal for a few years only because I was involved in thrash metal before which was my first extreme music interest. Of course, I tried to found a thrash metal band without success. I started listening black metal a few years after and I discovered that the philosophy suited me better. Indeed, the philosophy of this music is more extreme, more hateful and above all more clever. Then of course, I decided to create my projects when I was sure that my ideas were mature enough. You could say I’m a perfectionist lol because I could have released more demos and earlier. But I had of course ELVIDNIR before HEDENSK BJORN and SAS.

EOG: So we can say that you didn’t wanted to start a band like all the other ”pseudo-satanist infants” that pollutes the scene these days?

S: Yes and I could tell about this for a long while lol. I think when you are not ready, it isn’t useful to found a band. I think of all the bands which exist and are totally useless. They are too many pseudo black metal bands nowadays. As you say, there are pseudo-satanist infants but not only them. There are also pseudo-heathen infants who found a pseudo-heathen band to follow a trend without knowing the real meaning of heathenism. Sometimes they confuse satanism and heathenism or peace&love and heathen black metal. I can’t name all these bands because they are really a lot. But they are ridiculous and I kick’em all!

EOG: I Agree at a 100% on that!

You were also involved in Quebecan radical black metal band KVAATHAN, playing acoustic guitars in his first album as a session member. How was your collaboration with him and why did you choose to collaborate?

S: Oops I had forgotten and I’m very sorry. I thought only of my two personal projects but not of this great project because it was really great to collaborate with Herr Kvaathan. In fact he was searching for a guitarist for acoustic guitar parts and I liked his music. That’s why I proposed him to play these parts. Of course he agreed. We communicate a lot together and there is a good understanding and I don’t regret to have taken part in his first album.

By the way,  I can also tell I took part for lyrics in German of a song of the Ukrainian band MOLOCH in the 3-way split Unser Krieg with Iron Youth 88 and 88 because I don’t want to forget anything else. It was also a great collaboration with Pr Sergiy.

EOG: Nice indeed! You seem really musically involved.
With that in mind, we can say that you seem sympathetic towards the radical black metal movement. Where do you stand in the scene? Do you consider yourself a part of NSBM, or NSBM friendly or do you consider yourself more into the traditional side of the scene?

S: I don’t like labels in fact. I don’t consider really myself a part of NSBM but you can say I’m NSBM friendly by my collaborations indeed. I’m really radical and without compromise in the lyrics of my projects but I consider I belong to an older mind than NS philosophy.  I claim of course I’m nationalist, for a rebirth of our people and proud of my hyperborean roots. I fight against the only mind which condemn my comments and I will always defend my ideas all my life.

EOG: Besides that, what fuels HEDENSK BJORN and SAS (any bands, artists or books?)

S: In fact Germanic history battles, war and Norse beliefs fuel HEDENSK BJORN essentially. If you take “Krieg für die Ehre” for example, the lyrics tell about war. If you take “Mankind punished by the return of the ancient gods”, the lyrics allude to the Wild Hunt which unfolds from the winter solstice
and during a dozen of nights. If you take “Hermann le Chérusque”, the lyrics tell Arminius’ history, Germanic hero against the Romans who distinguished himself in particular at the battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9AD. Musically, HEDENSK BJORN is very influenced by heathen black metal bands like
Graveland, Odal, Bilskirnir or Wolfsmond for some songs but also by raw/old school black metal bands like old Darkthrone, old Gorgoroth, Sargeist or Satanic Warmaster. Personal mind fuels SAS with melancholy, antichristianity and misanthropy. “Pagans’ death”, for example tells about the holocaust of the heathen people killed by the Church and Christians seem to deny this fact. SAS tells also a lot of the people who forgot its roots. Musically, old Nargaroth, old Nocturnal Depression, Grimlair with heathen
elements and old school black metal are the influences of SAS. In SAS there is an atmosphere of nature elements by the way.

EOG: Will one of your projects ever play live?

S: Not for the moment but HEDENSK BJORN will soon. I’ve found all the musicians for concert sessions and I hope I will play live in Spring or Summer 2009. Concerning SAS I don’t want to play live because the concept of the band is more personal and is not suitable for gigs.

EOG: Perfect! Now, the end is yours.

S: I want to tell you: No place for trends, fakes and posers in black metal scene!!!!



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