Opfer Rassenhass – Fierté Ancestrale

This album was released years ago, but it still has the same effects on me at every listen. OR is a band that surely doesn’t fit into the ambiguous side of the NS scene their message is clear. And they do spread that message with some top-notch black metal music. This is a perfect example of a quality NS band: great production for a really good form of music that accompanies a really radical ideology. Music wise, the band claims to be influenced by bands such as Graveland (early) and Pantheon and this record proves their point. However, don’t expect a copy, this is merely in the essence.

With Fierté Ancestrale they surely established some standards for the movement. All through this album you will find great and almost technical riffs, shrieking vocals that could make any other black metal singer feel tiny in their pants and an amazing drumming section brilliantly performed by Dark Massacre. There is certainly nothing fake here. And in my humble opinion, many bands from Vinland should have a listen to that album and take example on it.

Good points: the production, clean but still underground, and it doesn’t remove anything from the music on the opposite of most bands with clean productions. The songs, half of the album is in French while the other is in English, which allows their message to be spread universally.

Bad point: the album’s length. While this might not bother some people, I am of those who think that an album should not be more than 40 minutes in order to keep the listeners attention. However, Opfer’s album trespass that length and thus, I tend to lose the interest near the end.

Overall this is a great record that will please the most extreme black metal fans. If you like your music to be accompanied by hardcore beliefs then this is a must buy! Weak minded people should avoid this though…



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