Interview with Tony Wolf of Jäger

VOV: Hails Mr. Wolf! First, thanks a lot for your time. To start can you give our readers a brief introduction to your band?

TW: Hail Voice of Vinland! Thanks for your interest in the esoteric Jäger cult. A quick bio of the band: I was in a Grind/Death band in 1999 and was introduced to Black Metal by the drummer, a long-time friend. The music blew me away! I began writing Black Metal songs that didn’t fit with the band and left in 2000.
This is when Jäger was born. Since then I had to take a musical hiatus to finish school, have had a revolving door of musicians enter and exit the line-up, and things really began to take form when I moved to Arizona and recorded “Call of the Wolf”. Demos existed before this but were never released because I was never happy with end product. I don’t like settling for less.

VoV: Jäger’s music has a really chilling and razor sharp sound. What influences you to create your music and add that particular touch to your sound?

TW: Jäger was born out of anger and frustration that slowly festered into hate. I live in one of the largest and busiest cities in my country and there is a lot of crime, poverty, and ignorance. Life has revealed that these three things are connected and I’ve seen the lowest of the low. I’ve had to live, work, and share common ground with them and it changed me forever. Anger, frustration, and hatred are the driving forces behind my songwriting. It’s only natural that these feelings will come out in the recordings.

VoV: By checking out the image of your band (most specifically a picture of you on your myspace page), we can come to the conclusion that you have some leanings towards Paganism or perhaps the NSBM scene. Is that the ideological leanings of your band? What does Jäger deals with lyrically?

TW: True Black Metal fans have a taste for the extreme, crossing-over many other perspectives and beliefs. I’m no exception to this. I have a lot of beliefs that pop culture considers extreme or not politically correct. That’s fine. I know why I have my beliefs and no one pressured me into believing them. I cannot say the same for pop culture. Many people have prejudices and are afraid to speak their mind because society deems all prejudice unacceptable. I simple challenge those people to consider who helped form those beliefs they hold so strongly to. The answer will always point to one over-represented group of people.

I definitely have leanings towards Paganism. I like the idea of traditions, beliefs, and symbolism of our European cultures before it became altered and tainted with foreign beliefs. I also believe in pan-aryanism. More specifically no more ‘brother wars’ that only defeat ourselves and perpetuate pettiness among cultures. This ultimately weakens our bond and paves the way for weakened cultural identity.

As far as National Socialism and NSBM is concerned, I do not oppose it but I also do not belong to it. I’m a maverick and generally do not mesh well with any set doctrine of rules, whether political or religious. I will not conform my beliefs to fit in with any group or organization. Their is strong hatred that drives me and it doesn’t need to be labeled for validation.

Jäger is hatred, pure and simple. That will mean different things to different people, and that’s fine. I would rather have people find their own path in life instead me telling them what to believe. I came to conclusions on my own without another’s influence and expect the same from anyone who supports Jäger. The band will always play for Black Metal fans, and will never limit our audience.

Lyrically, Jäger deals with a variety of topics from cultural and social issues to self-discovery. There is no limit as to what I sing about, but it usually has a meaning behind it that I felt was important enough to share.

VoV: Speaking of ideology and scene, what is your opinion towards the Black Metal/NSBM scene in general. Do you support more the ideological bands or those without real ideological values, or perhaps none of them?

TW: First and foremost, I support the music. As I stated earlier, the extreme ideology is only natural when dealing with an extreme genre of music, such as Black Metal. I will not listen to a band just because they are NSBM, nor will I avoid a band because they do not touch upon NS topics. If they are a good band, they are a good band and I will fully support them. Some Black Metal “fans” will not buy an album because the band is NS because they don’t have the same beliefs as the band. While I don’t fully agree with those individuals I can certainly understand why they wouldn’t. You would never find me supporting a pro-Israel/Islam/Christian/etc. band.

VoV: What is the future of Jäger? Any future plans?

VoV: Jäger will have a release out soon. The final touches are being placed and it will be on cd & cassette. It’s a slightly different musical approach than presented on “Call of the Wolf”, but in a good way. I am performing on all instruments except percussion and the songs are much tighter because of it. The vocals are still tormented and the music is still unflinching. I am trying out new members for even newer recordings and live sets. A goal is to play a few on the many live shows I have been offered. We cannot keep up with the demand for live performances, split releases with bands, and full-length releases from labels that have been offered.

VoV: Thanks a lot for your time! The end is all yours.

TW: Thanks again Voice of Vinland for this opportunity to speak! I encourage all to check out our site at to see what we’re all about. Also, I still have a few of the out of print official cd-rs and cassettes of “Call of the Wolf” for anyone looking to gain access to the Jäger cult. On an end note I’d like to encourage all readers of VoV to think before they act on or believe in anything. Our contact is

Herr Wolf


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