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Interview with Narthex

Posted in Interviews on June 28, 2009 by voiceofvinland

VoV: Hailsa! Thanks a lot for your time. First off, Narthex is quite a mysterious band, so can you introduce it?

Narthex: Well in a short historical overview. The narthex is the room or hall in a church that separates the outside world from the main room that is the church with its altar. When the Romans came up through Europe they built the narthex in order to convert Pagans to the Christ God. The Romans did not like the fact that just any infidel could walk into the church of god. So they created the narthex to buffer out what they didn’t want. This room was made so that when pagans attended mass they would not be apart of Gods children, instead they would witness mass from the back through a window in the narthex, until they have proven themselves, and maybe one day they would be granted communion and then they could enter. The narthex gave the opportunity to outsiders to look in and choose whether they want to commit to learning and walk in, or just plane walk away. Eventually all those who walked away walked away with a target on their head.
The Narthex is a place of decision.

VoV: Did you made any releases yet? If so, where can we find them?

Narthex: We have just released our first Demo. You can get it directly from us for the time being. We are currently shopping around for good online distribution stores for both North America and worldwide.
We will be launching our web site in the next few months so for now our myspace address will be posting all info for CD sales and show dates.

VoV: Narthex’s music has quite a unique feel to it, why have you decided to play this particular type? What made this style the most suitable for you?

Narthex: You guys haven’t heard anything yet. We have yet to settle into our own skin with what we have created. Everything we create has been built with a very strong infrastructure that will support and make way for the next step. All of our songs are written in different formats. Sometimes guitars first, other times vocals or keys come first. For the most part we have archives of parts and pieces just waiting to come out.
We usually just tell stories, sometimes the story itself is hidden in the melody or the percussion.
We try to illustrate spirals and confusion through complex riff writing and polyrhythmic tempo patterns, purity and passion through harmony and carefully planed out down beats.
To us the stories we write are far deeper than the topical lyrics will ever portray and we hope to be able to show this more and more as we progress.

VoV: For what I have read, your band’s ideas are based on a fighting philosophy. What does Narthex fight for? What do you stand for ideologically?

Narthex: Ideologically we stand for personal evolution and growth involving allot of mental boundary breaking concepts. We fight for integrity, elemental purity, mental, physical and Spiritual Purity. We strive for a higher conscious self. We fight for values as well as those we honor and cherish.

VoV: If I’m correct, you recently started to play gigs. How was it? How was the people’s response?

Narthex: We have just wrapped up a small Canadian micro tour with Cyanotic based out of Chicago. This tour was all about testing out our backline and our live roster.
After a few more times of doing this we should have all he kinks out. Then we will be ready to really test out the waters.

VoV: You guys are evolving in the Vinlandic metal scene, a scene where a lot of bands are sometimes quite radical. What do you think of it in general?

Narthex: Well we honestly find it flattering that this scene has accepted us with open arms. Most communities based on heritage, pride and historical beliefs surrounding Norse ancestry are selective and very judgmental as to what they allow into their circle. It’s a type security buffer, not necessarily a bad thing.
Already on our first couple shows we had people come out for us who heard of what we do through VoV. So I look forward to our future hand in hand.

VoV: What’s ahead for Narthex? Any future plans?

Narthex: We are always in studio rehearsing and recording.
For the next while we will be playing small and for the most part unannounced shows throughout the northern states, southern Ontario and Quebec until we are confidant that our live act is solid.
We are releasing a full album in the fall and planning for a small German tour is already underway.

VoV: OK, once again thanks a lot for your time! The end is all yours my friend.

Narthex: The mind can be made to work with electric swiftness in its heightened excitement.
To its clear region calm must ever reign.
-H. P. Blavatsky

All the best to VoV, take care.