Octobre – Québec Hooligan (promo)

Octobre – Québec Hooligan (promo)

Well, what can be said about that band and it’s promo? Octobre brings us some sort of OI! music with black metal influences (mostly vocal and sound-wise) with the kind ideas that would make any liberal shit his pants. Just the band name should immediately ring a bell and make some feel uncomfortable (at least if you are from Québec or know a little about Québec’s history). Sure, we’re far from your average NS band, but be sure that Octobre brings Québec independance to an extreme level.

On to the content of that promo: a mixture of OI! with elements of black metal, simple rhythm guitars accompanied by a heart-felt lead guitar section, an intense drumming that while it may sound simple from a black metal perspective, can be perceived as more complex from an OI! point of view (at some point, mind you). Accompanied by intense and agressive vocals that sings about Quebecer identity, paganism, pride and, as the title suggests, hooliganism. The lyrics are not published, but if you understand french you should not have any problems hearing at least half of what is said.

The entire promo can be downloaded there, in the blog section:
Octobre at myspace

Review by mister C.


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