Narthex – Demo

Narthex – Demo (2009)

Out of nowhere comes Narthex, one of the most promising band from the Vinlandic Metal scene. This four songs demo should teach you a lesson about who they are, what are they doing and how they do it… Narthex plays a quite unique musical style, mixing Metal and Industrial, with some more than apparent Thrash influences. The opening song, ‘’Impending Doom’’ is an abrasive opus that literally sounds like an army charging into battle. The second song, ‘’Divergence’’, continues in the same vein, although a little bit ‘’smoother’’ in some parts. ‘’Inter’’ is a nice interlude that will allow you to take your breath for a moment, until the epic opus ‘’The Abacist’’ comes in. This is the central point of the demo in my opinion, showing another side of the band at some point, almost as if it was meant to present the band’s style as a whole. And the demo closes with ‘’Phantasm’’, a nice ending that will remind you of their industrial influences.

To some it up, Narthex has started to build themselves with that demo and be sure that it built them strong. An opus that will set the trail for an amazing first album, I am 100% sure.


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