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Interview with Tyranath

Posted in Interviews on November 8, 2009 by voiceofvinland

VoV: Hailsa! First off, Tyranath is well known for playing in the great US based band Wotanorden. Now, in order to teach people more about your solo project, can you introduce it to our readers?

TYRANATH: Heil, comrade.  This is truly an introduction to the solo band, “Tyranath”. It all really comes down to every member in Wotanorden having slight musical differences. When we write a song, we usually create it from our individual minds. So you will notice that Wotanorden, Eingar, and Tyranath sound like completely different bands because they come from separate brains but with the same ideology. Lyrically, we write differently. I don’t think we could ever collaborate musically or lyrically.  Anyway, the name Tyranath of course comes from the Norse god, “Tyr”. Son of Odin, full of courage, honor, and great god of War. Of course the band has Germanic pagan, heathen themes even though the earlier songs have very heavy NS themes. I will admit that Tyranath was a raw NSBM band as of late but is converting totally to heathen folk metal because we need to focus more on our culture and not 100 percent hate. But I will never regret writing those songs and I will always enjoy listening to them.

VoV: I’ve heard that you will release your first full length real soon. Can you give us some details? When can we expect to hear it?

TYRANATH: The debut album entitled, “Heathenheart” will be released on Strong Survive records sometime soon. Probably early 2009. It will have 10 tracks. You will hear some songs that were re-recorded from the early demo but much better sound. This will be a very vicious release!!    Right in your face!!! Pure NSBM!!!!

VoV: You have just released a Split with Eingar and Kvaathan. What made you work with them on that? Why them and not anyone else?

TYRANATH: I was talking to Ian from Kvaathan one day and I don’t remember which one of us mentioning about doing a split and it seemed like a great idea. I thought of Eingar adding some songs and it would make a great vinlandic release! 3 great bands!!

OV: What can we expect from that split?

TYRANATH: We can expect the best from this release! Heidenwut productions have been a very sincere label to work with and the artwork is absolutely incredible! This will be a chance to get our name out a little more I’m sure.

VoV: What are the main influences behind Tyranath’s music, any bands worth mentioning, or this is just a product of your own mind? Furthermore, is there any particular things/themes that fuels your art lyric-wise?

TYRANATH: There are so many bands, I can’t even mention any. I have been an influence from my own creation because I have been writing music for about 20 years. I can sit and listen to a band and it get me geared up to write sometimes. I can drive down the road and come up with some ideas in my head. Books inspire me to write as well.

VoV: I think it’s quite obvious that Tyranath, both the person and the band, follows the Pagan creed. What is it that attracts you towards those believes?

TYRANATH: Paganism is the religion of our people. The original religion until christianity tried to wipe it away. It is up to us to fight against them and bring it back to our lands. White people are brainwashed from the media and society and most don’t even know who their ancestors are. Kids want to be gangsters and have a cultureless lifestyle. My wife, my son, and I will continue to follow the path of our forefathers. The weak will wither away.

VoV: As all should know, you are member of The Pagan Front and The Vinland Front. What made you join them? Is it important for you to militate among such movements?

TYRANATH: I have been a proud member of the Pagan front for many years. Actually, since the early years. There hasn’t’ been a lot of activity lately with Pf. I decided to join the Vinland Front because the movement is young and there is great potential among these ranks. We need to align and plan great things to overcome the great plague. The time is now!

VoV: The Vinland Front is closely associated with the Independence movement from Québec. This next question is asked to most bands interviewed by VoV, and since you are an American, I think it would be interesting to know what do you think about that particular subject. Do you feel any sympathies towards that particular cause (Québec Independence)?

TYRANATH: I think that Quebec can hold it’s own. I have great respect for the French people and more respect than most people here which are mostly cultureless wastes. But I think the independence in Quebec is a great thing.

VoV: Besides your first full length, do you have any other project for the near future?

TYRANATH: I will be working with Jorgen of Wotanorden on the upcoming release and right into the 4th release. Of course, I am in the process of working on some new Tyranath material as well.

VoV: Ok, thanks a lot for your time! The end belongs to you.

TYRANATH: Thanks, comrade! Hail!