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Narthex – Demo

Posted in Reviews on October 28, 2009 by voiceofvinland

Narthex – Demo (2009)

Out of nowhere comes Narthex, one of the most promising band from the Vinlandic Metal scene. This four songs demo should teach you a lesson about who they are, what are they doing and how they do it… Narthex plays a quite unique musical style, mixing Metal and Industrial, with some more than apparent Thrash influences. The opening song, ‘’Impending Doom’’ is an abrasive opus that literally sounds like an army charging into battle. The second song, ‘’Divergence’’, continues in the same vein, although a little bit ‘’smoother’’ in some parts. ‘’Inter’’ is a nice interlude that will allow you to take your breath for a moment, until the epic opus ‘’The Abacist’’ comes in. This is the central point of the demo in my opinion, showing another side of the band at some point, almost as if it was meant to present the band’s style as a whole. And the demo closes with ‘’Phantasm’’, a nice ending that will remind you of their industrial influences.

To some it up, Narthex has started to build themselves with that demo and be sure that it built them strong. An opus that will set the trail for an amazing first album, I am 100% sure.


Octobre – Québec Hooligan (promo)

Posted in Reviews on August 5, 2009 by voiceofvinland

Octobre – Québec Hooligan (promo)

Well, what can be said about that band and it’s promo? Octobre brings us some sort of OI! music with black metal influences (mostly vocal and sound-wise) with the kind ideas that would make any liberal shit his pants. Just the band name should immediately ring a bell and make some feel uncomfortable (at least if you are from Québec or know a little about Québec’s history). Sure, we’re far from your average NS band, but be sure that Octobre brings Québec independance to an extreme level.

On to the content of that promo: a mixture of OI! with elements of black metal, simple rhythm guitars accompanied by a heart-felt lead guitar section, an intense drumming that while it may sound simple from a black metal perspective, can be perceived as more complex from an OI! point of view (at some point, mind you). Accompanied by intense and agressive vocals that sings about Quebecer identity, paganism, pride and, as the title suggests, hooliganism. The lyrics are not published, but if you understand french you should not have any problems hearing at least half of what is said.

The entire promo can be downloaded there, in the blog section:
Octobre at myspace

Review by mister C.

Markland Folks – The Archaic Call (demo)

Posted in Reviews on August 5, 2009 by voiceofvinland

Markland Folks – The Archaic Call (demo)

Markland Folks is one of those bands that have some sort of a unique sound, while you still can hear the influences from other bands/genre. With ”The Archaic Call”, MF give us an excellent type of OI!/Folk with metal influences. We’re far from your average trendy pagan band that claims to be folk…

Musically, you get some energetic guitar riffs sometimes accompanied by a nice lead guitar that creates a melody (OI! style), a nice and more than well-played accordeon that adds an even more folky sound and not to forget the pounding drum, quite simple but effective enough to create the propper atmosphere. All of this, packed with lyrical themes that goes beyond what you would expect from any type of Folk bands. Hatred for the modern day lifestyle and monotheism, with a strong militant attitude, with discontent for the disastrous disconnection to nature of the average humain nowadays… The spirit of that demo should bring cultural pride to even the most ashamed person. For those who like Do It Yourself music with no compromises!

This demo was released as CD-R but is now available for all to download at:

Front Alternationaliste Québécois

Review by mister C.

Fjord – Vinlandic Northern Heritage

Posted in Reviews on April 3, 2009 by voiceofvinland

From the Quebecan soil comes this folk metal duo (consisting of Wodansson and Orgoth) named Fjord. To take an easy path, those who like bands such as Isengard, Storm, Naastrand and even Bathory (Viking era) will surely find their music more than appealing. While it is easily comparable to such bands, Fjord’s music has a completely different spirit: The spirit of Vinland.

In Wodansson’s drum pounding and Viking-ish voice you can hear the pride, strength and honor that accompanies Orgoth’s amazing guitar riffs. To some it up, VNH will awaken the warrior spirit in you and fill you with great pride. Stand out track:  Odin’s Wrath.

Opfer Rassenhass – Fierté Ancestrale

Posted in Reviews on April 3, 2009 by voiceofvinland

This album was released years ago, but it still has the same effects on me at every listen. OR is a band that surely doesn’t fit into the ambiguous side of the NS scene their message is clear. And they do spread that message with some top-notch black metal music. This is a perfect example of a quality NS band: great production for a really good form of music that accompanies a really radical ideology. Music wise, the band claims to be influenced by bands such as Graveland (early) and Pantheon and this record proves their point. However, don’t expect a copy, this is merely in the essence.

With Fierté Ancestrale they surely established some standards for the movement. All through this album you will find great and almost technical riffs, shrieking vocals that could make any other black metal singer feel tiny in their pants and an amazing drumming section brilliantly performed by Dark Massacre. There is certainly nothing fake here. And in my humble opinion, many bands from Vinland should have a listen to that album and take example on it.

Good points: the production, clean but still underground, and it doesn’t remove anything from the music on the opposite of most bands with clean productions. The songs, half of the album is in French while the other is in English, which allows their message to be spread universally.

Bad point: the album’s length. While this might not bother some people, I am of those who think that an album should not be more than 40 minutes in order to keep the listeners attention. However, Opfer’s album trespass that length and thus, I tend to lose the interest near the end.

Overall this is a great record that will please the most extreme black metal fans. If you like your music to be accompanied by hardcore beliefs then this is a must buy! Weak minded people should avoid this though…